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Museum of the Lost

Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong

Date: 7.3 - 2.5.2015 
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“Museum of the Lost” features the collaborative works of Hong Kong artists Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong. In its interplay between reality and fiction, He was lost yesterday and we found him today is a series of staged portraits in which the artists re-enact anonymous figures in old newspapers, pamphlets and other archival materials that they have been collecting for their on-going project Museum of the Lost. Selected materials from the archival collection, with fictional anecdotes written by the artists, will also be showcased.

A two-volume art book will be published by Blindspot Gallery, one featuring He was lost yesterday and we found him today and the other featuring selected materials from Museum of the Lost. The book will be launched at the opening with book signing.

About the artists - Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong
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