Past Exhibitions

A Departure from Reality III:
The Tender Truth

Curated by Janet Fong
Maleonn & Jiang Pengyi

Date: 3.9 – 30.10.2010
Venue: Blindspot Gallery (Central)

Date: 11.9 – 31.10.2010
Venue: Blindspot Annex
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"The Tender Truth" is the finale of the trilogy exhibition "A Departure from Reality", the exhibition presents conceptual photography related to Magical Realism by Maleonn and Jiang Pengyi.

In Magic Realism, the artist’s creation goes beyond simple transcendence from reality through fictiveness to explore the mysterious relationships between humans, and between humans and their surroundings.

Beyond its burgeoning art scene, today’s China hovers like a castle of bizarre social situations: dramatic news coverage of the country’s current events and political issues, stories of illogical, mindless behaviour of ordinary people.  In deconstructing these illusions, Ma and Jiang stand out among other artists for their focus on the personal and subjective – they translate their real-life emotions into dreamlike landscapes and stories which reflect the experiences of those living in China today.

About the artist - Maleonn

About the artist - Jiang Pengyi

Curatorial Statement by Janet Fong

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