Trevor YEUNG

b. 1988, Guangdong Province, China

Trevor Yeung graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2010. Yeung's practice uses botanic ecology, horticulture, photography and installations as metaphors that reference the emancipation of everyday aspirations towards human relationships. Yeung has participated in exhibitions including “Seal Pearl White Cloud” at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art in Australia (2016), “Adrift” at OCAT Shenzhen in China (2016), “CHINA 8 - Paradigms of Art: Installation and Object Art” at Osthaus Museum Hagen in Germany (2015) and Shanghai Biennale 2014 in China.

Yeung was one of the 3 shortlisted artists in BMW Art Journey award with his solo exhibition “Garden Cruising: It’s not easy being green” from DISCOVERIES section at Art|Basel Hong Kong 2015. He currently lives and works in Hong Kong. 

Exhibition details of "The Sunset of Last Summer" (24.9 - 19.11.2016)

About The Saddest Sunset
The Saddest Sunset is 3 photography works that evokes memories of a past love affair. The series deliberately avoids the decisive moments that people love to capture, but encapsulates the moment that precede and the one that follows the sunset. The photographs illuminate manmade traces that have been washed by sunlight and ultraviolet. While the nature of photography cannot be worn away, the memories of the moment captured are lost like the colours in a faded photograph.

About The Artichoke Eater
The Artichoke Eater is a collection of photographs and videos documenting the eating of an artichoke from peeling its prickly exteriors to savoring its soft interiors, and it is inspired by Yeung’s personal experience of witnessing someone eat the plant in this way which he describes as intimidating yet extremely enchanting. The work reveals the artist’s internalising the experience through filming others and himself engaged in the same act, where the interaction between human and plant is one of nurturing as well as consumption with erotic undertones.
Exhibition details of "Art|Basel Hong Kong 2016" (24-26.3.2016)

About Enigma
Enigma series invites thinking about the relationship between the viewer and an image, about the act of viewing, as well as transforming a one-way viewing experience of art into a participatory one. Plant of fabric is placed in front of the image, to imitate how one's view is often obstructed by other objects in real life. As the viewers navigate the space for a better view of the image behind the fabric or the plant, it induces spontaneous seeing and reveals another dimension of relationship between the viewer and the being viewed.
Exhibition details of "Art|Basel Hong Kong 2016" (24-26.3.2016)
Exhibition details of "Photo Shanghai 2015" (11-13.9.2015)
Exhibition details of "Garden Cruising: It's not that easy being green" at Art|Basel Hong Kong 2015 (14-17.3.2015)

About Sleepy Bed
A prolific artist of mixed media work, Yeung's Sleepy Bed highlights the connection between the photographer and the photographed subjects by incorporating engraving into voyeuristic captures of strangers when they were asleep.
Exhibition details of "780s" (15.11.2014 - 10.1.2015)

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Artist Statement - Sleepy Bed
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