Eason TSANG Ka Wai

b. 1986, Hong Kong

Tsang graduated from the School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong in 2013 with a major in Photography. In 2015, he participated in several seminal exhibitions including "Familiar Otherness: Art Across Northeast Asia" (Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong), "Imagine there's no country, Above us only our cities" (Para Site, Hong Kong) and "CHINA 8- Works in Progress” (Museum Folkwang, Germany). In 2013, Tsang was shortlisted for the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012 with Rooftop series. He currently lives and works in Hong Kong. 

About Housework No.3 (2016)
This video shows the artist wiping and cleaning the inside of a tube TV by reaching his arm through a small opening on the back of the TV set. The artist’s incapability to view his own act of wiping denotes the futility of one’s intervention in a system. As the video is played on the same tube TV, the work creates an immediate illusion for the viewers.

About Boring 30 seconds (2016)
The video features a series of zoomed TV channel numbers at the top right corner of the screen. The channels have been set by the artist to switch once every second for a continuation of 30 seconds. In encapsulating the oppressive passage of time through the night, this work highlights the fragmented state of existence of the individual against the tremendous social mechanisms at work.

About Housework No.1 (2016)
Continuing on his questioning about the viewing of public space in Tsang’s previous works, Housework No.1 creates a visual barrier between a moving mop and the ground, while the rough sand paper negates the material efficiency of mopping. The work delineates a repetitive action and recreates the sphere of visual experience. This video documentation by the artist and the restored ground surface illustrate repeated motions and a reproduced visual field.

About 52.404705 , -1.497604 (2016) 
A 6 minute 55 second long shot video projection on a semi-transparent curtain, this work captures the movement of fleeting clouds that subtly negates the coordinates for the viewers, and traces the ambiguity that underlies one’s relationship with spatiality and temporality.

About A failed lightbox (2016)
Unordinary images captured from the artist’s daily life are printed on individual slides and made into light boxes. With the abnormal flashing and halos of lights, the works pinpoint a breakdown of order that is illuminated.
Exhibition details of "Powerless" (9.7 - 27.8.2016)

About New Landmark (2014)

The New Landmark series is an extension of Tsang's past project Landmark series. Through the process of looking at the skyscrapers from an upshot angle, the artist started to observe closely the conditions of these landmarks in different times of the day and things happening in them.

About Floral Fabric (2013 -14)
Tsang transforms the patterns on everyday items into installation in Floral Fabric, before restoring it from installation to the graphic form through photography. The work is an exploration into the “re-manifesting” nature of photography.
Exhibition details of "780s" (15.11.2014 - 10.1.2015)

About Rooftop (2011-12)
Rooftop is a public yet private space. Artist sneaked into the rooftop of a skyscraper and captured the bird eye views of the architectural structure and human activities on the rooftops of the surrounding buildings. 

About Landmark (2012)

In this densely populated city, buildings move vertically up toward the sky. On these vertically extending planes, the artist found the hidden new landmarks of the city.
“THREE DIMENSIONS” Exhibition details (9.6 - 7.7.2012)

Artist Biography

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